The researcher

A law major who fled to the comforting opaqueness of international affairs foreign policy, I’ve dabbled in related disciplines such as political economy, sociology and political anthropology (loving each one). I’ve studied at a bunch of universities: Nottingham University in Britain, the George Washington University, Columbia University and the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Switzerland.

Though currently a full-time professional, I still try to get my hands soaked in academic research whenever I can. The nature of my work prevents me from having my scribbles published, so I’ve just stuck them below by geographical or topical relevance.


An article looking at positive trends in African political and economic development: Blue Skies in the Dark Continent (March 2012)

Central Asia

An article on the history of language policy in Kyrgyzstan: Language Policy in Kyrgyzstan (November 2012)


An article on Russia’s polemical stance on Syria at the United Nations: A Kopek for Your Thoughts (January 2012)


An article qualifying the presumed innocuousness of electoral democracy, using contemporary Europe as an example: The Travails of Electoral Democracy (Fall 2012)

China and Hong Kong

An article looking into Hong Kong’s democratic retrogression: Beikong’s Transformation (December 2011)